The following articles are based on our opinions as dive professionals (which, in turn, are based on decades of diving & teaching experience) and are written to help divers of all abilities improve. In some cases, these articles are unabashedly editorial in nature, and represent strong opinions that may not be universally accepted in the dive industry. And that is fine – we do not expect everyone to agree with everything, but we do hope that these articles give you food for thought, and encourage you to think more independently about the sport and your participation in it.

Needless to say, these articles are not meant to replace structured scuba training under a qualified instructor and we are not responsible for any injuries caused by following them 🙂


Articles for Beginner and Intermediate Divers

The Great Agency Debate
One of the most common questions we get asked is – which agency should we choose: PADI or SSI or NAUI or ..? Well, that and “can we do it for less”. Wrong questions! Here is what you should be looking at when it comes to selecting a dive center.

10 Tips to Improve Your Scuba Diving
Learning does not stop once your Open Water course is over. In this article, we present some skills you should develop and keep sharp, in order to become a better diver.

Articles for Advanced Divers & Professionals

Teaching Kinesthetic Awareness to Divers
This article is aimed at dive professionals and focused on an area that forms the basis on which dive skills are taught – teaching a diver how his body responds in the water. Advanced divers may also find the concepts useful.

General articles and opinions

Best time to scuba dive in the Andamans
We get asked this often enough, that we’ve made it an article. 🙂

Gear Reviews

Aqualung i300 Dive Computer

Aqualung PRO HD & Apeks ATX40 Regulator