Go Pro

Tired of sitting in an office, wishing you were outdoors instead?

Interested in working in the dive industry? Or simply just keen to achieve the highest
possible rating as a diver? Consider going pro with us.

Professional Scuba Diving Courses

As an SSI Diamond Instructor Training Facility, DIVEIndia offers professional scuba diving courses/ professional scuba training up to the level of SSI Instructor – Open Water Instructor or Advanced Open Water Instructor. We also offer PADI professional training up to PADI Divemaster.
With a very experienced team of instructor (including 2 Instructor Trainers) with years and years of teaching and real-world diving experience, we ensure that our pro candidates learn not only the bare minimum covered in the requirements, but also all the extras that make the difference between being “certified” vs being “qualified” as a Divemaster or Instructor.

Our goal is to produce qualified dive professionals, and in keeping with our philosophy, we do not teach to bare minimum standards. To qualify, you must meet and exceed the training requirements and also meet the following test: would we let you lead or manage a dive involving one of our loved ones – a spouse, a sibling or a child? All professional diver candidates are trained until they pass this test.

Please check out the links above for more information on each of the professional scuba diving courses.