Go Pro – Crossover to SSI

Crossover to SSI

SSI is the second largest agency in the world, and one of the fastest-growing, in Asia, and actually has a far more favorable ratio of instructors to dive centers than the other leading agencies. Within India, for example, SSI is comparable to the other agencies in size, and there are more SSI-only dive centers than any other agency. And not only that, there is a greater trend these days among dive centers to be affiliated with multiple agencies, as this gives the customers a greater choice.

If you are a dive professional with another agency, and interested in becoming a part of the SSI family and joining in its growth, do drop us a line. Crossing over to a comparable professional rating with SSI is very easy (only a matter of a couple of days) and fairly economical, as far as professional ratings go (pay for materials and registration, and a moderate crossover fee).

Contact us for more info.