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Instructor Training

The Open Water Instructor level is the highest professional level in scuba diving (leaving aside the different instructor ratings one acquires with time and experience). As an Open Water Instructor, a dive professional is qualified to train and certify divers up to Open Water and Advanced levels. As one can imagine, this is a position of immense responsibility, as the student’s safety is entirely in the hands of the instructor. As such, our training is extremely thorough: we take this program very seriously and we expect the candidate to do so as well. We offer SSI Open Water Instructor Training Courses twice a year to go with the scheduled Instructor Exams, one in April/May, and once in September/October – however, we can also schedule ITCs at times on demand.

Requirements for Instructor

In order to become an Instructor, the candidate needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum of 100 logged dives
  • Complete the Instructor Training Course (ITC) with a qualified instructor trainer
  • Pass an Instructor Evaluation (IE), conducted by an independent examiner sent by SSI
  • Have a current, valid medical clearance
  • Apply and pay for membership with the appropriate training agency

Pre-requisites to start the ITC

In order to enrol in an ITC, the candidate needs to have the following pre-requisites:

  • Certified as an Assistant Instructor with any recognised agency – however, we do offer combo AI/ITC courses, so candidates who are Divemasters with any recognised agency and have good in-water and supervisory skills may be able to go directly to Instructor.
  • Have a valid CPR/First aid certificate from within 2 years

The Instructor Training Course and Instructor Exam

The Instructor Training Course is a minimum 10-day program, conducted by one or both of our in-house Instructor Trainer, Vinnie and Sayeed. This program reviews some of the diving theory from Open Water all the way to instructor, covers the 3 components of teaching (Academics, Confined Water, Open Water) and also the business/liability side of diving. Candidates who are enrolling in the program from another agency, or candidates who do not have a lot of actual working experience as a DM or AI are encouraged to come early and spend a little more time building/reviewing the fundamentals of control, supervision and professional-level theory. As with any other program, the more time you spend, the better you get, so we always welcome candidates who want to come early and get some more experience before starting the course. After successful completion, you are then ready to take the IE, either here or elsewhere, if you prefer.


The price for the Instructor Training Course is Rs 60,000 + 14% tax.

Not included in this are the cost of mandatory materials (which depends on whether you are coming in as an AI or DM, and which agency you have trained with), IE fees (approx $500-700) and registration/membership with the agency – please contact us for up-to-date pricing on this.