Andaman Safaris

Are you interested in being among the first divers EVER to visit and dive an area?
Are you tired of regular dive trips and want to do something more adventurous? Consider our exploratory trips to remote parts of the Andamans.

Safaris are back

Starting in January 2016, we will be re-starting our North Andaman safaris. We also hope to have a very excited – and revolutionary – diving safari option in Andamans by late 2015 as well. Please keep checking back in for more updates on this – we will update this page when we have new information.

Please get in touch with us to find out more about our Safaris or to plan a trip for a group of friends.

North Andamans

By prior arrangement (group size 6-8 people max), we offer a 3-4 day safari to the North Andamans. Accommodation is in a rustic campsite by a secluded beach, far away from civilization. Food is a mix of beachside barbecue and special long-distance delivery. And the diving is exploratory – we do a mix of known sites and exploration. This is a throwback to what diving in the Andamans was like, back in 2000, when Vinnie first came here and started diving these uncharted waters.

Something New

This is a bit of a shameless teaser – by late 2015, we expect to offer something that is truly revolutionary, in terms of getting the best diving in the islands. Stay tuned – or follow our Facebook group for updates. Links are at the bottom of this page.