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DIVEindia now offers scuba diver training in some of the major cities on India, and plans to expand this footprint quite significantly.

One of the biggest roadblocks to scuba diving is the time commitment. While we cannot change that, what we can do is provide a way whereby this time commitment can be spread out more conveniently. So you no longer have to book an expensive holiday to decide if scuba is for you. Nor do you have to spend your precious holiday time in a classroom or shallow water learning skills -complete the academic and pool-training components of your scuba diver training in the comfort of your own home, and use your holiday to actually go diving.

This doesn’t just apply to Open Water Diver course, but also for continuing education courses like Stress & Rescue course and various Specialties. And even professional training – you can actually spend several weekends working on your Divemaster requirements, thereby bringing the professional qualification within the reach of divers who are unable to take a month off work.

We will also be working with our Diveindia Outbound wing to offer trips to various exciting diving destinations, for students to complete their course. And of course, we are always open for operations in the Andamans.

We are very excited about the possibilities this opens up, and the fact that this brings diving within the reach of more people.