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SSI Divemaster Training

Divemaster is the first professional level – as a Divemaster, a dive professional is qualified to supervise certified divers in their scuba diving activities, and can help Instructors and Assistant Instructors with their teaching, as a certified assistant. We offer Divemaster certification with SSI.

Requirements for SSI Divemaster

In order to become a Divemaster, the candidate needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum of 60 logged dives
  • Complete the Divemaster course with a qualified instructor
  • Have a current, valid medical clearance
  • Apply and pay for membership with the appropriate training agency

Pre-requisites to start the SSI Divemaster program

To help us plan your course better, we need to know what current level of Dive Certifications you hold, if any. For undertaking the Divemaster program with DIVE India, the pre-requisite is to be an Open Water Diver under any Dive Certification agency. If you do not hold any certification level, we can offer you our Open Water Diver course at a Special Price of 25,000 + 18% GST, with the addition of a Perfect Buoyancy Specialty certification (4 Confined water divers + 4 Open Water Dives) but only if you commit to signing up for the complete Divemaster training program as well. Otherwise, our Open Water Diver course will be priced as usual

Additionally, you also need to confirm your ability to swim 400 Meters, in open water, and be able to float for 15 minutes, both unaided. These parameters form part of our “Watermanship Skills Test” prior to starting the Divemaster program, which you will need to clear.

The DIVE India DIVEMASTER Program:

The Divemaster program is broken down into TWO MODULES. Each of these is detailed below. We offer the Divemaster program under SSI, which is a far more thorough program as compared to other dive certification agencies available in the country. As part of the SSI Divemaster Course, the student has to undergo several core certification programs along the way, progressively rising through levels such as Specialty Diver (Level 2), Advanced Open Water Diver (Level 3), and then Master Diver (Level 4) before moving on to the Dive Leader Programs to ultimately qualify as a Divemaster.

MODULE 1: At the end of which, you should be in a position to qualify as a MASTER DIVER subject to completion of a total of 50 dives or more.
This module covers FOUR Core Speciality programs to strengthen your basics of diving and form a strong foundation for becoming a Divemaster.

Deep Diving – This certifies you to dive up to a depth of 40 meters
Enriched Air Nitrox – For guiding divers and groups on dives using Nitrox instead of Air
Navigation – A Critical specialty for any Divemaster – To learn the ability to map and navigate underwater topography and diver sites
Night and Limited Visibility – To enable a Dive Guide or Dive Master to lead Diving groups in low visibility conditions or on Night dives

On completion of the above, you will also need to undergo Emergency Training Programs to enable you to fulfill your role as a Divemaster in case of diving emergencies:
Diver Stress and Rescue – Where you will be taught how to identify stress signals in a diver and take pre-emptive rescue actions
React Right – This is a thorough Emergency Response program that covers First Aid, CPR, AED, and Oxygen Administration.

While the above certifications could be completed in about 14-18 dives, we, as part of our Divemaster program will offer a minimum of 35 Dives instead, to enable you as a student to practice and hone your diving skills. Nothing beats actual experience and hence our DM program includes many more dives than actually needed to complete the certification levels. This is one of the key differences in the DM Program offered by DIVE India, as compared to other DM Training programs available with other operators.

Time required – 5 – 6 weeks.
This is non-negotiable and we would urge you to consider a minimum of 5 Weeks to complete Module 1 so that we can fulfill all of the training as detailed above and not rush through the program. Becoming a Divemaster is serious business and we believe 5 Weeks is the bare minimum needed to complete the program. Ideally, 6 weeks would be best.

The price for this module is Rs. 1,40,000/-. (This does not include the Open Water Diver Program).

On completion of Module 1, you will be in a position to qualify as a Master Diver, which is the highest level of a recreational diver (Subject to completion of a total of 50 logged dives). Following this, you will then be ready for Module 2, as detailed below.

MODULE 2: This part of the program focuses on developing your ability to lead divers and divers.
1. Dive Guide – This is SSI’s Equivalent to the Divemaster program from other agencies. It qualifies a student to get certified as a Dive Guide, where one can officially become a Dive Pro and seek job opportunities as a Dive Leader / Guide.
2. Science of Diving – This is an exhaustive theory-based course, that we believe is needed to become a Divemaster and it covers the theory for Physics, Physiology, Aquatic Environment, Decompression theory, and Diving Equipment. On completion of the Dive Guide + Science of Diving Program, the student gets awarded the Divemaster Rating.

Without the above, we believe, that a DM Program is incomplete – the experience that you gain as a diver with multiple specialties will allow you to conduct/lead dive groups more efficiently. Undergoing this extensive program will also help you log dives to reach the minimum requirement of 60 Dives to be able to Qualify as a DiveMaster.

You can further undergo training as a Marine Guide if you like – this will allow you to be able to LEAD and CERTIFY your divers for Marine Ecology Programs – something that is unique to an SSI DiveMaster. More on this later.

The price for the Module 2 is Rs. 75,000/-. This includes all the mandatory materials, certification charges, one-time SSI Pro registration charges, Marketing and Branding material, GST, etc. NO OTHER FEE or CHARGE is payable over and above this to gain your SSI Pro Divemaster status.

**(A note on SSI and PADI: As SSI and PADI are both under the RSTC (Recreational Scuba Training Council) – Their programs are valid and accepted by each other. So, if ever you do wish to undergo your Instructor Training under PADI, your SSI DM program will be considered valid and vice versa)

About the training itself:

Unlike all the courses done so far, the DM course involves developing a lot of soft skills – decision-making, judgment, handling problems, etc. These are all areas where the more time you spend, the better you will get. The DM internship provides you with valuable hands-on experience, and you will learn a lot of practical skills that go beyond the course requirements, but which are expected from dive professionals. Lastly, you will develop effective leadership techniques that are specifically suited to you.

We also have a DIVEMASTER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM that lasts a minimum of 60 days and includes at least 60 dives and training that goes well beyond the basic requirements – you will learn to repair gear, operate a compressor, handle customers… in short, do all the tasks that a working professional does. In exchange for the subsidized diving, you will be working as a member of the dive team and will be expected to help out the dive professionals in their day-to-day tasks. However, we generally suggest candidates take longer – up to 80 days or more if they choose (although this is by mutual consent and depends upon the candidate’s professionalism, capabilities, and fit with the dive center).
Duration: 60+ days with the option to extend at our discretion. The Internship can be done in the Andamans only, in either Havelock or Neil. The subsidized pricing of this program will depend on a lot of factors and needs to be discussed on a case-to-case basis with us.