Go Pro – Crossover to SSI

Crossover to SSI

SSI is the world’s largest Professional Dive Business-based Training Agency with over 3500+ Training Centers Worldwide, across 150 Countries, with training offered in 40+ Languages. With over 50,000 Dive Professionals World-wide, and having certified over 21 Million students in its 50+ Year History, SSI offers professionals with a great number of Job Opportunities globally.

With a very steep climb in its number of Training Centers across the world, SSI currently has several vacancies across multiple centers for SSI Dive Professionals.

If you already are a dive professional with any other agency – Be it as a Divemaster, Assistant Instructor or Instructor, adding a SSI Pro Rating to your qualifications with significantly boost your employment opportunities.

Contact Us if you are interested in becoming a part of the SSI Family and giving your career as a Dive Pro a strong foundation and an excellent platform to build on.