Marine Ecology Scuba Camp

Marine Ecology Scuba Camp

DECODING SECRETS OF THE REEF: A dive course in marine ecology for certified divers

Have you had a desire to learn more about marine life than just names and signs of the top 10 most popular fish? Most people don’t realize this, but on any single dive, you can see more species of life than you would if you were to spend a week in one of the top wildlife reserves of the world. Nature enthusiasts – be it safari-goers or birders – know that you appreciate and enjoy wildlife a lot more once you are able to understand what you are seeing and what to look for. It is fairly common among divers that, once the initial excitement of diving wears off, they tend to focus only on “highlight species”, be it Big Stuff or macro, and miss out on the amazing diversity of life that is on offer in front of them on virtually every dive. While there are training programs out there, these tend to be fairly general and not in-depth enough. And while learning about marine life might start with learning the names of animals and how to identify them, it does not end there. Coral reefs are like busy metropolises, where marine animals of all sizes and shapes are going about their daily lives but constantly interacting with each other in the process of survival. Various processes come together to create this ancient, yet unique and fragile ecosystem. An understanding of these relationships can completely transform a passive viewing experience into one of discovery, every single dive! After an overwhelmingly positive response to our 2 day Underwater Naturalist program developed by our in-house biologist Chetana Purushotham, we’re super happy and excited to announce two marine ecology diver camps this season. The objective of this 4 day program is to teach you more about the underwater world – how it works, what the various inter-dependencies are, how to identify various marine families and how to critically evaluate a reef ecosystem. Learn more about the conservation challenges our oceans are facing and help us come up with solutions to protect these magical and ecologically important places. In short, this program will take you from being a passive spectator to a trained observer. A more aware fun diver, if you will, in the water, and on land. This program will also be beneficial for people interested in using their recreational dive skills towards research and conservation volunteering programs now available world over. Students applying to universities gain credits and of course, for people who plan to spend their careers in the water- aspiring dive professionals, researchers and photographers!

This is an intensive tank- and fins-on program, and will consist of 6 dives, including a night dive.  There will also be discussions and interactive sessions to boot. Through this program we want to provide a more comprehensive outlook to our oceans and their denizens, and lend a fresh perspective to fun diving that will apply anywhere in the world you go diving.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be conducting this program in Havelock as well as Neil Island this season!
January 2020
Neil Island : 16th to 19th January 2020
March 2020
Neil Island : 11th to 14th
Havelock Island : 25th to 28th
April 2020
Neil Island : 2nd to 5th April
Havelock Island : 12th to 15th April

Program Highlights:

We’ll be covering the following themes:

  • Introduction to marine ecosystems (yes, there is more than one!?)
  • Identification and natural history of fish & invertebrate life
  • Behaviour and relationships in coral reefs
  • Monitoring coral reef health
  • Global coral reef conservation issues
  • Divers as ocean ambassadors

Minimum requirements:

PADI open water certification (or equivalent) Enthusiasm to learn!


Program cost: Rs. 24,500 per person
PADI Underwater Naturalist specialty certification (optional): UptoRs. 5,100
Accommodation available with a 15% off
Diving with your own gear: 10%
Note: GST applies to the above prices.

Upcoming program dates:

Our camps for this season have ended. We are planning for thr season ahead. Drop us an email at or sign up below to know when our camp dates are up!