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SSI Assistant Instructor Training

Assistant Instructor  is the next professional level after Divemaster.

Usually, most dive professionals progress directly from DM to Instructor – however, this direct leap does not always prepare a professional to conduct Open Water courses right away – to go from working with certified divers to taking full & independent responsibility of students is something that takes more than a few weeks of training.

And that’s where the Assistant Instructor course comes in. With an Assistant Instructor rating, you can ease into teaching and slowly learn the practical aspects of teach both theory and waterskills effectively, under the guidance of an instructor – this makes the jump from Divemaster to Instructor a lot more manageable, and makes it easier to hit the ground running as an Instructor.

We strongly feel that there is value in taking a graded approach and really earning that Scuba Instructor rating, as opposed to rushing there and getting it as quickly as possible.

Oh, and it also helps spread out the cost of becoming an Instructor – and for candidates who do not have 100 dives, the AI Internship is a great way to get those dives in, as well.

Requirements for SSI Assistant Instructor

A candidate can directly enroll in this program after the Divemaster course

  • Complete the SSI Assistant Instructor portion of the SSI Instructor Development Course
  • Have a current, valid medical clearance
  • Have a valid CPR/First Aid certificate within the last 2 years

Pre-requisites to start the SSI Assistant Instructor program

Any candidate holding a Divemaster rating, either with SSI or another agency, can enroll for the SSI Assistant Instructor course  – there are no additional pre-requisites.

The SSI Assistant Instructor course

The Assistant Instructor program focuses on teaching the candidate how to teach dive theory and confined water, and so is a good mix of academics and in-water training. In addition, the course also covers effective supervision, control and problem management, both in confined water and in open water.

The basic program itself can be done in 4 days, but we typically take around 7-10 days to do this. With candidates who do not have a lot of working experience as a Divemaster or for candidates who want to go on to become Instructors, we suggest that consider doing the AI program as part of a longer internship with us.

As with all professional training, the more time you spend on the training, the better you get.

Prices & Schedule

The price for the SSI Assistant Instructor course is Rs 85,000/- inclusive of GST.

The AI program can be conducted at any time – however, a prior booking is required.

Please contact us for more info, including internship details.