Fun Diving in the Andamans

The Andaman Sea offers one of the highest counts of fish and coral species on the planet.
So far, there hasn’t been any large scale commercial fishing here – and the result is a mind-boggling array of fish and a profusion of healthy, colorful coral. Sharks and mantas can be spotted on trips to the outer sites, and we’ve found a reef where a family of dugongs can be seen regularly.

Our Dive Trips
For certified divers, we run daily 2-tank trips out to the best sites in the area, including both Neil and Havelock. We also run Expedition Trips to destinations as remote as Barren Island, Invisible Banks, Campbell Shoal and more… sites that were formerly visited only via liveaboard (another first for the Andamans). So you have access to the largest selection of dive sites in the Andamans – and you get to dive them with the team that discovered them.

Most of our sites are accessible to all diver levels and certifications, but a few require advanced open water certification and some experience. We try to take into account special needs and interests of our divers. Our groups are small – usually no more than 4 divers per dive leader – and as far as possible, arranged by ability, experience and interest.

For typical day trips, we meet at the dive shop at 7:30am , and return between 12:30pm and 2:30pm or so (depending on site, length of dive, etc.). Complimentary snacks, tea and water are provided on the boat.

Our dive professionals have more dives in the Andamans than anyone else on the planet. We were the first to dive most of the reefs of Havelock and we continue to lead the way in finding new sites and expanding the diving potential of these islands. All our full-time guides have thousands of dives in these waters – this expertise makes a difference when it comes to the number of dive sites that we visit, the amount of time you get in-water as well as knowledge of these dives sites – come and see for yourself.

If you would like to visit other parts of the Andamans or even other destinations in the world with us, please have a look at our Trips page for more info.

Our Equipment
We use Aqualung/Seaquest Wave BCDs & and Aqualung Calypso regulators with standard 80 cu ft Al cylinders for our rental gear – the equipment is in metric units (meters and bar). We replace our gear regularly, and all rental gear is serviced regularly by trained technicians, using original spares. The water is warm enough that a lot of people don’t even wear wetsuits. Still, for sun protection, we provide 3mm shorties. All BCDs are equipped with a whistle and safety sausages are available on request. We have tanks fitted with standard international/yoke valves as well as DIN valves, but if you have DIN regulators, we suggest bringing an adapter anyway (just in case). Diving is done off one our 7m speedboats, Mako, Silver Tip, White Tip or Grey Reef, or our 45 foot comfort cruiser, the Pink Cadillac.

Our Approach
We believe in treating our divers like adults. Consequently, we do not impose any arbitrary depth or time limit on the divers. Each buddy team dives for as long as it has enough air, and at whatever depth is comfortable (contingent upon the site and conditions). However, in the interest of safety and due to the remote nature of the islands, we do request divers to stay with the group, dive within the limits of their training and experience and to follow safe diving practices – no deeper than 30m, well within no-deco limits, ample reserve air (start ascent at 50 bar, surface with 30 bar). Your safety and comfort is our concern. If you are doing several dives with us, we will provide a FREE basic scuba tune-up covering basic theory and skills – we can also provide a more thorough refresher if needed, for a nominal charge. In addition, if you want to work on specific skills, our team of experienced instructors (with trimix, deep wreck and cold water diving experience) will be more than happy to work with you to improve those skills.

Despite being India’s largest dive center, we are not a high-volume dive factory – quite the opposite. We believe in small groups, personalized attention and an enjoyable time for all. Please tell us what you want out of your dive, and we will do our best to accommodate you.