The Open Water Diver course is just the beginning – as your interest in diving grows, there are plenty of options to gain more knowledge in various areas – be it for improving your knowledge of diving theory, ability to do more challenging dives, or to develop additional skills like rescue, photography, etc. For certified divers, we have a VERY exciting array of options: all SSI continuing-education courses  (Advanced Adventurer , Diver Stress & Rescue & Specialties as well as professional training up to Instructor ) as well as a few training programs designed by us to provide you with more in-depth learning in a few specific areas (Buoyancy Bootcamp, Tech Fundamentals, Coral Reef Diver Program).

With advanced courses, the knowledge and experience of the instructor plays a major role in the quality of the course – and here, having a highly experience team of instructors (Vinnie, Vikas and Sayeed alone have nearly 35 years of teaching experience between the 3 of them) helps us make sure that we are able to provide a truly content-rich training program that goes well beyond the bare minimum mandated in the standards, and ensures that the student leaves with concrete improvements in skills and knowledge.

The next level for certified divers – The Advanced Adventurer

The SSI Advanced Adenturer course consists of 5 dives- two are mandatory (Deep Dive and Underwater Navigation – Night is recommended as the third). For the remainder, you can choose from 15 options, including, Naturalist, Buoyancy, Wreck, Boat, Underwater Photography and lots more.

This is a practical course (emphasis on in-water training) and is meant to give you experience in diving under different conditions, as well as provide you with a deeper understanding of dive theory, planning and techniques.

Looking for a challenge? Try the Diver Stress & Rescue course

The Stress & Rescue course is rated by most divers as the single most useful course they’ve taken since Open Water. In this course, you start to expand your horizons by learning more about diver safety – both yours and others. You learn about common causes of accidents, how to anticipate them as well as how to respond to them. This greatly improves not only your skills, but also your confidence in the water. This course takes 3 days, and also requires certification in general CPR/First Aid (which we offer as a combo with the Rescue course).

Get in-depth knowledge of various topics – take a Specialty course

Our Specialties allow you to increase your skill base in a particular area of interest – we offer specialties in Deep Diving, Wreck Diving, Underwater Photography, Buoyancy, Underwater Search and Recovery, Coral Reef Diver, Nitrox and lots more. And in keeping with our approach, we go well beyond the bare minimum course standards by adding a lot of extras based on genuine in-house expertise (for example, the content that we cover in the Deep Specialty has been designed by an instructor who has dived to 94m in 4-5C water). So you are truly getting an in-depth training program.

For those with interests in specific areas, we offer packages that bundle a group of related specialties:

For those interested in moving on to the more challenging and disciplined field of technical diving, or simply improving their own dive skills to the highest possible level, we offer what we call the Tech Fundamentals combination – which includes training in Deep, Wreck and Nitrox. This course builds the fundamentals that you’ll need to do eventually get into technical diving, and is taught by an instructor who is a very experienced trimix/deep wreck diver.  Even if you do not plan to get into tech diving, this course is an excellent way to develop and refine your diving skills. We will improve your kicking technique, air consumption and practical diving knowledge to an extent that few other courses anywhere in the world can match – that is guaranteed!

Go Pro – Divemaster, Assistant Instructor or Instructor
Interested in becoming a dive professional? DIVEIndia is proud to present a variety of options to suit your needs, all the way from Divemaster to Assistant Instructor and Instructor.

As India’s first Instructor Training Center (since 2008), we have a long history of training dive professionals and in keeping with our philosophy of never offering cookie-cutter identical programs, offer customized pro training for our candidates.Please visit the Go Pro section for more information on professional scuba certification.