Scuba fins are, in our opinion, the most under-rated piece of equipment when it comes to comfort in the water.       Fins have a very significant impact on your drag – the wrong fins can either drag your legs down or cause them to float upwards, either of which affects your scuba zen.     And more importantly, a properly matched set of fins will make navigating currents easy (or atleast comfortably manageable!), as opposed to being something to dread.

Rather than listing every fin in the catalog, we have chosen to list a curated set of fins, each of which brings something unique to the table in terms of design or functionality – that said, if you are looking for something else, let us know, we can get it for you as well.

We also recommend that you read this guide on how to pick the right pair of scuba diving fins:
Buyer’s Guide To Scuba Fins – How To Pick The Right Pair

And as always, please feel free to drop us email if you are have any questions.   We are happy to help you select the correct pair.


Prices are inclusive of GST and shipping.

Do note that while we list only a selection of carefully-curated products that we feel are good value at their price points, we carry most products by Aqualung, Mares, Tusa, Shearwater and Scubapro.   If there is anything you would like to purchase or if you would like the price sheet for our entire catalog, please drop us an email.

As always, if an item does not fit, you can always exchange it for a different size, as long as the item is unused and as-new, with all tags, stickers and packaging intact.