Regulators and Gauges

The following is a selection of the regulators that we have to offer.     Even the cheapest regulator listed here-in is more than adequate for the needs of any recreational diver, including dives up to 40m.     So why pay more for an expensive regulator?    For a few reasons:   better hose routing, more ports, lighter weight (easier for travel), smaller second stages, ability to use in cold water or at tech diving depths and advanced design, materials and construction.

Except where otherwise mentioned, all regulator sets below include a  yoke first stage, second stage and octopus, but not the console (SPG, or SPG+depth gauge).   That has to be purchased separately.

Also, we have chosen the octopus that matches the regulator, in terms of aesthetics, functionality and value for money.     If you do not see the combo that you want, or want a different second stage/octo combo or if you just have any questions on what to buy, drop us email and we’ll get back to you with more info.

Page being updated – please email for pricing and orders.


Do note that none of our regulator sets above come with gauges -as everyone has different preferences, we let our divers select their instrumentation based on their own needs.     At minimum, an SPG is mandatory (and recommended even if you have a hoseless air-integrated computer).    You can also get a 2-gauge console (SPG + depth gauge) or a 3-gauge console (SPG, depth guage + compass).    If you already have a computer, you can choose an alternate 2-gauge console – SPG + compass.

You can also choose to get an hose-mounted dive computer, which replaces your entire instrumentation – this is basically an SPG, depth gauge and dive computer in one.

Prices are inclusive of GST and shipping.

Do note that while we list only a selection of carefully-curated products that we feel are good value at their price points, we carry most products by Aqualung, Mares, Tusa, Shearwater and Scubapro.   If there is anything you would like to purchase or if you would like the price sheet for our entire catalog, please drop us an email.

As always, if an item does not fit, you can always exchange it for a different size, as long as the item is unused and as-new, with all tags, stickers and packaging intact.