Diving is an amazingly addictive sport for a variety of reasons. To start with, it is the sheer uniqueness of the underwater world – being absolutely weightless and moving in a 3-dimensional space is something that is very alien to us ground-dwellers, and is the closest we can come to flying. Add to that being surrounded by significant amounts of marine life, in quantities and diversity that is orders of magnitude higher than on land (seeing a hundred species and some thousand individual fish on a dive is not uncommon). And there you have it- a recipe for a magical experience that is totally unlike anything on land!

Back when I started Diveindia, to say that diving was an unknown sport would be an understatement.   I’ve had someone ask me “how do your divers see the fish?   Do you have a glass bottom boat”. To say that the sport has grown since then is an understatement.  Most people today are aware of what the sport entails – and quite a lot of people have actually tried it out as well. As the market continues to develop and mature, I hope that the trend is towards an in-depth scuba experience, which allows people to experience the serenity and jaw-dropping wonders of the underwater environment.

To celebrate 16 years of DIVEIndia, more than a decade of phenomenal diving and making magical underwater memories, we bring you our very own #LetsDIVEIndia Contest!

The Contest!


Have you EVER experienced scuba diving? Even if it was just that one time on your last vacation, we want to know about what that dive meant to you! We want to know about your most special, memorable, thrilling, life-changing experience underwater.

– Head over to your Instagram handle and post about it
– Write a short story, share a photograph or upload a video. Or do all three
– Most importantly, tag us (@diveindia) in your post and use the hashtag #LetsDIVEIndia

17th December 2019 to 17th Feb 2020

One lucky winner will receive a free dive holiday with us here in the Andaman Islands!


For Non-Certified Divers

Experience Havelock for 1

Experience Havelock Package for one person + 16th year anniversary limited edition #LetsDIVEIndia T-shirt for the winner.

This is the ideal package for those who want to experience a mix of the Andamans lifestyle – the quiet beaches, the lush forests, the general peace and quiet – but who also want to experience some of the magic that these azure waters hold. So we have put together a combination of activities that will give you a good mix of all the Andaman specialties that Havelock has to offer: quality time on the beach, a half-day intro to diving and a beach dinner to really make this a trip to remember. With our emphasis on professional supervision/safety/training mixed with fun, this is a great package for honeymooners, families, people who are new to the ocean, etc. It is also a great way to combine a Havelock trip as part of a larger Andaman holiday.

Learn To Dive for 1

Learn to Dive Package for one person + 16th year anniversary limited edition #LetsDIVEIndia T-shirt for the winner.

Come experience life in the idyllic Andamans, and learn to dive while you are at it. This package combines the 4-day Open Water course, stay, all transfers and an additional day of diving, while leaving you with enough spare time to get in some sightseeing and general island-time.

In keeping with our philosophy, courses are done in small groups, with unlimited confined water training and even 1-to-1 instruction, if needed, at no additional charge. We want you to be good divers, and will do whatever it takes to get you there.

For Certified Divers

Havelock Diver Package for 1

Havelock Diver Package for one person + 16th year anniversary limited edition #LetsDIVEIndia T-shirt for the winner.

Come experience the best scuba diving of the Andamans – our 7 night ‘Havelock Diver’ package is designed to cover all the best sites of Havelock, and also leave you with enough time to soak in the special charm that makes these islands so magical.


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Should you pee on a jellyfish sting? There's a popular urban myth that advises people to flush the sting site with urine in the event of jellyfish envenomation. This makes sense in theory, because urine contains urea which destabilises proteins and uric acid which could neutralize the stinging cells. These salts in urine, however are incredibly dilute with freshwater, thus rendering them useless. Fresh water is the absolute enemy of jellyfish stinging cells, as the change in pH causes them to fire almost instantaneously, making them release their venom. Jellyfish envenomation symptoms range from mild trauma, intense pain and even death. They can also lead to allergic reactions which result in several other complications. If you're ever stung by a jellyfish, pour some vinegar (acetic acid) on the sting site. Most diveboats keep a bottle of vinegar onboard. This should neautralize the cells and alleviate pain. Pluck any remaining bits of the tentacles off with tweezers, do not scrape them away as this only causes them to spread. And soak the injured site in hot water for 10-20 minutes. If you experience the onset of an allergic reaction, please visit a doctor. This should work for most jellyfish stings in India. Please be aware that even dead jellyfish washed ashore are still capable of stinging so do not pick them up without protective gear. Stay safe on beaches and while diving guys, and please don't pee on yourselves. #marinebiology #scubadiving #underwaterphotography #cnidaria #cnidocytes #jellyfish #firstaid #responsiblediving #ourblueplanet #marineinvertebrates #tentacles #allcreaturesgreatandsmall #venom #diveindia #andaman #andamansea #pee #ifuckinglovescience #vinegar #urbanmyth #mythbusters #gopro #goproindia #deepbluesea #venomresearch #triviathursday

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Contest Terms & Conditions:

For non-certified diver:
(1) Experience Havelock Package for one person (http://diveindia.com/try-diving/)
This package includes:

If you want, you can also upgrade to a PADI DSD / Boat, or add that as an extra dive to the package.
If you know swimming, you can even upgrade to the PADI Scuba Diver certification course – this certifies you to dive up to 12m under professional supervision. You learn more about the underwater world, about diving theory and practice basic scuba and emergency skills. This way, next time you are on holiday somewhere by the sea, you can go out diving with greater confidence and comfort. The PADI Scuba Diver upgrade option includes further training, an additional dive (making a total of 2) and certification charges.

  • Replace the Shore DSD with a Boat DSD for Rs 2,000 extra
  • Add an extra Boat DSD for Rs 6,000 extra

(2) Learn to Dive Package for one person (http://diveindia.com/learn-diving/)
The package includes:

  • 6 night accommodation in Tented Cabanas at our partner resort,Island Vinnie’s Tropical Beach Cabanas
  • PADI Open Water certification (4 dives minimum)
  • 1 day / 2 dives after certification
  • All transfers – airport to airport, including private ferry tickets

For certified divers:
Havelock Diver Package for one person (http://diveindia.com/fun-diving/)
The package includes:

  • 7n stay in Tented Cabanas at our partner resort, Island Vinnie’s Tropical Beach Cabanas
  • 6 days/12 dives and 1 night dive
  • Full gear rental and divemaster
  • All pickups and transfers in Port Blair and Havelock via private ferry
  • Additional dives can be added for Rs 5,500 per day


These large and tastefully decorated Swiss-style (we have no idea why they are called Swiss-style, but they are) full-sized walk-in tents are of the same design as used by much more expensive resorts elsewhere.

Built on permanent plinths, these tents are decorated tastefully and exude coziness and comfort, with a lot of little touches which go a long way towards making your stay more enjoyable: plenty of plug points to make your life easier; ample storage space for your clothes; a balcony with rocking chairs for relaxing with a book; a powerful fan (no AC needed!) and electronic mozzie repellents (it works) or mozzie nets, whatever you prefer, and an en-suite bathroom (yep, hot water).

The rooms are not air-conditioned, nor do we have any plans of putting in aircon. For starters, being beachside on a very green island, with minimal concrete development and lots of tree cover, means that even in the peak of summer, it is much cooler here than in cities (a fact we notice every time we leave the islands!). We get a cooling sea breeze in the day. And we have designed the rooms to have as much natural cooling as possible. The fan will provide more than enough cooling to let you sleep at night. So why boost your carbon footprint needlessly?