The PADI Nitrox specialty teaches you how to dive with air with an increased percentage of oxygen – ranging from 22% to 40%.     This has the benefit of reducing the amount of nitrogen you breathe at any given depth, thereby increasing the amount of no-decompression time you have on any dive.

Using the links on this page, you can complete your entire Nitrox course from the comfort of your home, where-ever you are.

Yes, we did say “from home” –  yes, you will still need to do one practical session on how to test the nitrox, but all the other requirements can be easily completed from home.   No need to travel to a dive destination to do so.     How, you ask?   Via PADI’s fully interactive e-Learning program, which is now available at a 25% discount, at a price of A$165, to cover access to theory and certification costs.

That’s all you pay – no charge from our side.


Many people ask – i am already very good with my air consumption, what will be the benefit of diving with nitrox.    To be clear, nitrox will not improve your air consumption.   Nor will it let you dive deeper.   However, on trips where you do 2-3 dives a day in the 18-30m range, where you typically come up not because you are low on air but because you have hit your No Decompression Limit,  Nitrox will significantly improve your bottom time – it can mean as much as 15-20 minutes of extra bottom time per dive.


Nitrox does add one more element to keep track of:  your oxygen exposure.   Do you remember learning how to track your nitrogen exposure in your Open Water?     The Nitrox course is very similar, only this is tracking O2.    And in the real world, with a dive computer, it is as easy to track as your NDL.    Yes, there are some additional risks if you don’t pay attention to your dive profile, but there are also safety benefits.

For the most part, if you are like most divers in the sense that you pay reasonable attention to your diving profile and safety, nitrox is a very easy and productive addition to your skills arsenal (and if you do not pay pay reasonable attention to your diving profile and safety, nitrox is the least of your issues…).


To complete the Nitrox course from home, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:   Sign up for the PADI Nitrox e-Learning course using the link below.   You will have to pay a fee of A$165 (a little over Rs 8000) to PADI:  this covers the digital materials as well as certification costs.    Please note – you must use specifically the link below, and not any other method of signing up – if you sign up or register via another link, you may end up getting charged twice for your certification.   Also, please message us and let us know when you sign up, so we can track your progress and assist you with the training.

Step 2:   Complete the PADI Nitrox e-Learning course, and once completed, print/save as PDF the completion form and mail it to us.

Step 3:   Schedule an online session with a DIVEIndia instructor to review the theory, answer any questions you may have and also add some practical tips for diving with nitrox in the real world.     We will also have a session on how to test Nitrox.

Step 4:   Once all the above is completed, we will process your certification.      As we are now moving to digital cards, you will then find an electronic copy of your card on your PADI App (available for both Android and iOS).

That’s it – you are done.    You don’t even have to put on pants to pull this off.

Click on the box below to register for and start your PADI Nitrox E-Learning Course: