Thank you for choosing DIVEIndia as your preferred dive center.

Having been based on a remote island with limited connectivity for the past 2 decades means that we have been very low tech when it comes to using technology.     However, times change and so do we.    We are slowly moving towards more automated online payments, but for now, let’s start with baby steps.

You can use this page to make an online payment – be it to purchase equipment, to pay a deposit or to settle the rest of your payment.       The amount should have been provided to you by someone on our team – if you are not sure, please contact us to clarify.

Some fine print for users of this payment gateway:  we are offering this service for the convenience of our divers.   In the event of any cancellations or returns, we will refund all the monies that have come to us.    Typically, service fees charged by the payment gateway also get refunded but in the event that they are not, that cost will be deduced from the amount you get back.