Are you getting bored at home, and missing your diving fix?    Well, you aren’t alone.   We miss diving, we miss teaching and we miss sharing scuba with others.   And we have a plan to fix that.      And it is a pretty simple plan.     It goes:

Sign up for a Scuba Course,  Do Theory Online and Get Great Deals to Complete the Program

How does it work?

  • Sign up for a scuba course before July 31st – be it Open Water Course, Advanced Open Water Course,  Rescue, Divemaster or a Specialty – with a deposit of Rs 15,000
  • Students complete the theory online, via self-study and via online sessions on Zoom with a DIVEIndia instructor
  • When the lockdown ends,  complete the training in the Andamans or at any of our @HOME centers across the country (Andamans & Chennai offer both confined water and open water;  Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai offer confined water only

Then if you complete the course in Havelock and/or Neil within 4 months of the lockdown lifting, you get the following discounts for Scuba diving in the Andamans:

  • Course particpants:  20% off the course for 1 person and 25% off the course for 2 or more people completing the course
  • Fun divers:  we haven’t forgotten you either – pay a deposit of Rs 10,000 by September 3oth (diving dates flexible) and get 15% off fun diving OR book a 6 day diving package and get a FREE Specialty included in the package
  • Pro candidates:  Free 1 month extension to the program for professional courses (Divemaster or Assistant Instructor)
  • Bonus for Neil:  50% off accommodation at our Neil resort, The Dancing Dugong

There is no expiration date on completing your course or fun diving program – you can schedule it whenever you want.    If you complete your diving course after the 4 months are over, you still get discounts:   15% off your course, 15% off fun diving and 40% off your accommodation in Neil

If you want to do your training in our @Home dive centers in Delhi, Bangalore, Bombay or Chennai – you get 15% off training there too.  And if you decide not to complete your training with us but elsewhere, no problems – we will give you a referral for the theory that you have completed, and also issue you the certification credit, which will reduce the cost of your course wherever you choose to complete it.

Combine it with our “Friends and Family” program and earn discounts for future stay/dives too!

So there is no downside.   Use your lockdown period to get the theory out of the way and then, once we can all emerge into the wide world outside, use that time to get your diving fix! However, do note that this offer is only valid only for signups made till July 31, 2020.

Email us to book!

Fine Print

There isn’t a lot of fine print, but here it is, such as it is:

  •  The initial payment of Rs 10,000 is non-refundable.    However, it does include your certification credit, and you can use it anywhere you want, so there is very limited downside for you.
  • We realize things are unpredictable – so you are allowed one penalty-free rescheduling up to 72 hours before your trip.
  • If you book your diving for dates that lie within 4 months of the lockdown ending, the prices for the program will be based on our current prices on the website (as of now), regardless of when the booking is made.      So if diving resumes in September, and you book in August to dive in October, you will still get current rates even if our rates for October have gne up – as long as your trip dates are within 4 months of lockdown ending, you will get the rates that are in place now.
  • For people who book their diving for dates which lie more than 4 months after the lockdown has ended, the base prices will be based on prevalent rates on the website at the time of the booking.     The discount structure will be as above, however.
  • If an additional lockdown is imposed, the 4 month deal period for signing up for the course shall be extended by an equal amount.
  • As always, we work in good faith to try to find a fair resolution.   We are in the customer satisfaction, not the litigation business.     And we prefer to err on the side of keeping our divers happy and following the spirit of the deal, as opposed to relying on a lot of legal fine print.     So if there are any issues not covered here, please work with us and we will find something that is fair.