Scuba diving information for beginners

Learn scuba diving @Home 

So – a common question we get is: what is there to see when diving in Bangalore or Delhi?

Well, here’s the thing – yes, you can go and dive in the ocean without any training. That’s called an Intro Dive/Try Scuba/Discover Scuba program. That’s what most of the package tour operators push. But that is a very very shallow (no pun intended) introduction to the sport. It is the rough equivalent of going to a zoo vs a safari.

To really experience the magnificence of the underwater world, you need to be a certified diver – ie, you need to complete a training course and get the ‘Open Water Diver’ rating. This is the minimum needed to go out there and dive.

And there is where the training @Home comes in:

– You can complete the theory and skills development portion of your training at home, taking as much time as you want. This allows you to use your vacation time to do more dives.

– You can try the sport at home, and decide for yourself if you like it or not (mainly, this is actually about conquering your fears – very few people who try diving dont like it. It is addicting!).

– If you are a certified diver, you can refresh or improve your skills.

So in short – the program @Home lets you try the sport without going on an expensive holiday, and also lets you complete the training part at your own pace.


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