We do not believe in a lot of legal fine print and have long worked on the belief that it should be easy to find a sensible solution when we are committed to ensuring our guests have a great time with us, and that any issues that crop up are solved reasonably.   But due to a few incidents of late, we have had to become a bit more stringent about this.

So here goes, in no particular order:

  • Certified divers are responsible for their own safety in the water, as per their training as independent divers – the dive professional conducting the program is there to provide an added layer of safety, not to manage your dive.     If you are not sure about something, please ask.   We are not mind-readers yet, and do not know what your expectations are.
  • Certified divers are expected to inform us in advance of any issues that may be pertinent to their safety underwater – this includes illness/injury, lack of experience, rusty dive skills, prior history of decompression illness and any other physical or mental issues that may be relevant.
  • When you sign up for a scuba training course, you are paying for the training, not the certification.   The certification is the outcome of successful training.   We want you to be successful in your training – but even more than that, we want you, and those around you, to be safe. So we will not certify you if we think you are not ready.   In such cases, we will offer alternatives for you to complete your training.
  • Medical forms are sacrosanct.   Please do not lie about your medical form.   If we find out someone has lied in their medical, we will neither offer any further diving services or any refunds.
  • We want you to have the best diving possible on your trip, so that you plan to come back again and bring your friends.   However, safety comes first and dive sites are subject to conditions and the experience of the group on the boat.   We reserve the right to change the dive site at the last minute, if conditions so warrant.   There are no refunds offered, in this case.
  • For anything diving related, the decision of the dive professional overseeing the program is final.   We are happy to explain this to you, but those decisions cannot be second-guessed or overturned by anyone else in the company.
  • We want you to have a good time with us and leave with a good impression of us – after all, we are in the client satisfaction business, not the litigation business.     So if you have an issue, please let us know on the spot, and we will try to fix it.
  • We are not responsible for any delays caused by factors outside our control – flight delays, weather, ferry cancellations, acts of god or such.
  • Please read the Booking PDF that was emailed to you when you made your booking, and if you are booking transfers, please also read the TRANSFERS – THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY page.   If something goes wrong later, we will point to these 2 documents.
  • All bookings are at the discretion of DIVEIndia and we reserve the right to cancel them at any time, with our maximum liability in such cases being limited to a refund of any monies paid, minus cost of services already consumed.
  • Things to do not always work as planned in a remote location like the Andamans. Our maximum liability shall be limited to a refund of monies paid – we are not responsible in any way for any damages incurred elsewhere, no matter the cause.   This includes but is not limited to flight or travel arrangements, hotel stay in Port Blair, expenses incurred due to a change of travel arrangements, emotional hurt caused by a ruined vacation, etc.
  • Sometimes, we screw up.   It does not happen often – although we realize that is not of any consolation to you, if it is your booking that has been screwed up.   We appreciate the faith you have shown when you choose to book your vacation with us, and we will bend over backwards to find the best solution that we can.   That means we will go out of our way to try to find a reasonable and fair solution to any issues that crop up.
  • Some people seem to be under the impression that being overly aggressive or abusive is a good way to get what they want (and this usually involves conveniently forgetting all the info in this document).   It is not.   Respect and courtesy goes both ways.   Our staff has been instructed to disengage if the other party is being aggressive or abusive.   We also reserve the right to cancel your booking, with no refunds, and even evict you from the property if you engage in excessive abuse, physical violence or the threat of physical violence.
  • We believe in being fair to our guests in trying to find a solution to any issues.   We also expect our guests to be fair to us. This means that we are not receptive to people trying to play amateur lawyer and trying to pass the buck on to us.   Eg, if your inbound flight was delayed, you missed your connecting ferry and we couldn’t get you a last minute slot on another ferry – that’s not our fault, that’s the airline’s fault.   We will work hard to mitigate the impact on your holiday, but we will not respond to aggressive emails which expect us to compensate you for losses suffered due to the airline’s fault.
  • If you are dealing with Vinnie in trying to find a resolution to your problem, please be warned that while he is very committed to finding a fair solution to any issues that have arisen and doing the best to ensure client satisfaction, his brain is wired a little too much in the analytical/problem-solving side and a little less on the EQ side (unless it involves Frodo).