What keeps us hooked to diving?

I would say and hope you agree that the ocean is a world of absolute magic and mystery! Biodiversity and beauty surround us in our every kick and glide. Taking shapes, colours, textures and forms beyond imagination. Bizarre and curious creatures graciously allow us to be in their company, pretty up close. What we witness underwater is nothing short of incredible!

I can imagine myself diving regularly for another thirty years and still not be ready to retire my dive gear to a cupboard, and say ‘I think I have seen enough of the ocean now’.

Very often, however, our search for the incredible is outlined by keywords such as ‘massive’, ‘fast’, ‘rare’ beings. A search with these in mind will surely lead us to whale sharks, manta rays, turtles and whales! A few seconds spent with any of these is enough to blow our minds. Even make us weep a little.

Have you ever wondered though, are these the only special creatures the ocean is hiding from our view? We could spend an entire dive focussed on finding that elusive shark or those schooling barracudas (“they are around here somewhere!”) and in the process, literally swim over/under/beside numerous other absolutely incredible sights and scenes.

We are doing the ‘incredible showcase’ series to talk about the lives of seemingly uncharismatic but truly amazing marine organisms that often go unnoticed. We’re certain you will consider wanting to keep the stars of our showcase in mind the next time you go diving in coral reefs.

Cover photo of a well camouflaged coral goby shot by Vikas Nairi