Thank you for choosing to stay and dive with us.   Please fill in the following form with your transfer information – we will arrange your transfers based on the information submitted here.

Please note the following:

1.  Please read the “Booking Info” pdf that was emailed to you when you made your booking, and also the Trip Planning page on this website.   It has information on transfers and ferry times, and also on how our transfer service works.

2. The tickets are booked based on your flights and work on the assumption that you want to to Havelock as soon as possible, and leave as late as possible. On the way in, we will put you on first available private ferry (Makruzz or similar), although sometimes, depending on timings, it may end up being a govt ferry. On the way back, we will book you on the afternoon Makruzz (or similar private ferry) – however, if you have an afternoon flight (after 1:30pm), we will put you on the government ferry that morning.    

3. Please use the comments box to inform us of the following:

– If you plan to spend some time in Port Blair before coming in or if you plan to go back to Port Blair earlier
– If you are continuing onwards to some other island after Havelock

– Your Port Blair hotel info, if you want us to pick you up from a hotel as opposed to the airport (hotel name, info, address)
– If you want to book a short Port Blair tour in the morning
– Any other information that is relevant

4. Please note that even if you discussed your transfer requirements over email with us, it has to be reflected in this form for us to act on it.  Also, unless confirmed over email, any requests here are handled on a best-effort basis

    This transfer form is used ONLY to book your tickets and is handled by external agents whose ONLY job is to arrange ferry tickets and book taxis based on the info you send.     They are not involved in other aspects of your booking.  So please use this only to provide information pertinent to your transfers.

    We repeat:  this form is ONLY for communicating your transfer details.  Please do not ask questions, make changes to plans, or request clarifications/additional services on this email – the person who receives this email cannot handle those queries.

    Rule of thumb:  if it is a change, if it requires a response or if it is something that hasnt been discussed earlier, please email   Sorry for being bureaucratic, but there is a reason we are very process-oriented when it comes to transfers and it is solely to ensure that your transfers go smoothly