We offer the biggest array of rereational scuba training courses of any dive center in Asia.

What does this mean for you?
Well, it means that we have options catering to all budgets and interests. Someone who wants to dive a few times a year will have different requirements from someone who wants to do lots of diving every year.

About our Dive Shop

As a PAD, SSI and NAUI Pro Gold Dive Center, DIVEIndia offers a full array of dive training courses, ranging from beginner to professional.

We are excited to bring NAUI training to India – with the highest course standards in the industry, NAUI offers some of the best diver training possible, and is the only recognized agency for training to police and fire departments in the US and elsewhere. We run NAUI courses from Scuba Diver (Open Water) to Instructor Trainer.

We are also proud to be recognized as an SSI Diver Training Facility (another first in India), offering all SSI courses from Open Water to Dive Control Specialist. And of course, as the first PADI Dive Center in the Andamans, we also have a complete selection of courses from PADI, the world’s largest diver training agency.

All agencies are good – however, one agency might be better than others in some areas.

If we only offer one agency, then what we do is try to make you fit what we have. By offering courses with 3 well-respected agencies, we make sure that we are able to find the course that fits what you want. And we price the courses in a way that we have no financial incentive to sell one over the other – so you will get a full and unbiased opinion of the pros and cons of each option.

Offering courses from 3 different agencies does lead to a lot of logistical and other challenges. But in the end, we feel that it is important that student divers have choices, and are able to select the best course that meets their interests and budget.

Our team of instructors is the largest and most experienced in the islands (and in India), with hundreds of certifications and thousands of dives each, in all sorts of conditions, to their credit. So you don’t just get a freshly-minted instructor with no real-world experience.

The benefits of this start from the moment you sign up for a course and remain with you long after you have gotten your certification and gone elsewhere – our divers leave with better dive skills and a greater appreciation of the wonders of the underwater world (and we like to think that they’ve had lots of fun as well!).

Our classroom is filled with the latest training materials, designed to make learning easy, fun and quick. This minimzes time spent in the traditional “classroom” environment, meaning that you spend more time in the water (which is why you took up diving in the first place, right?) and at the same time, ensures that there are no compromises in the quality of your learning.

And we run our courses at your pace – as part of the training, you are entitled to as many training sessions as it takes in order to become confident in the water; we will even provide 1-on-1 instruction at no extra charge, if need be. We want you to leave feeling confident and safe. Our courses include all the training materials, books, videos, etc. that you will need – there are no hidden or extra charges. So all you need to bring is your swimsuit and a sunny smile.

Not all training courses are identical – try ours, and you’ll see for yourself.

Diving Options


Are you interested in trying diving but do not have the time or desire to take a certification course?
Or maybe you are not sure if this whole diving this is for you? Consider the Discover Scuba Diving experience.

Try Diving – Read More

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be an expert swimmer, a Navy SEAL or a triathlete to dive. For those interested in learning to dive, we offer \ Open Water Course (Takes 4-5 Days). On completion, you receive a certification card from PADI, NAUI or SSI.

Learn Diving – Read More


For certified divers, we have a VERY exciting array of options – the biggest choice of courses in Asia. We offer the Advanced Open Water course, Rescue Diver Course and many more speciality courses to increase your skill base in a particular area of interest.

Continued Education – Learn More

For certified divers, we run daily 2-tank trips out to the best sites in the area, in both Neil and Havelock. On our 7m speedboat, we run day trips to the best dive sites some of which are only accessible otherwise by Liveaboard! The best way to get better at diving is to DIVE MORE!

Fun Diving – Learn More


Tired of sitting in an office, wishing you were outdoors instead? Interested in working in the dive industry? Or simply just keen to achieve the highest possible rating as a diver? Consider going pro with us. GO PRO – Learn More