Join us for trips to some of the best diving destinations in the world.

Outbound trips

We realize that for some inexplicable reason, some of you actually want to go dive elsewhere, and not just keep coming back to the Andamans. As such, we have started regular outbound trips to some of the best diving destinations in the region. We carefully screen and select reliable and ethical dive operators to partner with, so as to ensure that the trips visit the best sites with the best guides, our prices are extremely reasonable (go ahead, do compare) and best of all, you get to travel in the company of other like-minded divers.. So – good diving, good company and a great price. Sounds good?


Please visit us at diveindiaoutbound.com

A sample of our recent/upcoming trips is found on the left. Please email info@diveindiaoutbound.com or contact us for more information on these or other trips.

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Malapascua Aug 2016

Dive with thresher sharks and more – August 14-21, 2016


Join us on a liveaboard to Egypt, visiting Brothers, Daedulus, Elphinstone and more. September 22-29, 2016

Pulau Weh

Explore the variety of Pulau Weh – from Nov 6-12, 2016.

2017 pipeline...

Philippines, Komodo, South Africa Sardine Run. Stay tuned!